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Character Profiles / Kanhel
« on: October 06, 2014, 10:32:55 pm »
Name: Kanhel "Kan" Vekre
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class: Assassin?
Morality: Neutral, slightly bad.
Claim to fame: A well known murderer with unknown origins, known to slaughter many peoples with melee weapons and was difficult to track down. Even after finally got caught and thrown in a prison one day, Kan still kills fellow cell mates and few guards with a pipe as well as a piece of a bed frame if he could, resulting in him being bounded and isolated until his death sentence. Despite suffering countless interrogations, his MO remains unknown.
Death: Executed while in prison, which explains his initial clothes.

Health points: 20 (How much damage you can take. Unconcious at zero, dead at -10)
Magik: 30 (magical power points used to cast spells)

Armor equipped:
Armor rating:

Weapon equipped:
Weapon power:

Skill points: 25 (to be earned later)
Melee: 7
Magic: 5
Range: 3
Faith: 1
Agility: 9

Spells known:
Invisibility - Temporary become invisible.
Muffle - Turn any sounds he make become silent for a short duration.
Nullification  - Become immune to various magical effects.
Numb  - Lessen his sense of feeling pain temporary.
Fear Induce - Through direct skin touch, he could plant nightmarish images into their mind.

Additional skills: No hesitation in killing, good reflexes. Able to keep information to himself through interrogation and tortures.

Inventory: (nothing at start. Must be kept up with.)

(Any changes I need to do or clarify something?)

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