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Raava The Red

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Raava The Red
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:44:08 am »
Name: Raava Th Red Phantom
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Class: Blood Priest
Morality: Amoral
Claim to fame: Raava was born into a small tribe of Shaman's on a tropical island known as Maz Vazeria. Maz Vazeria is anything, but a paradise. It was a treacherous place with danger lurking at every corner. Raava unlike any of his tribesman left the island, seeking something more at a very young age and traveled to the mainland where he quickly gained reknown for his magical prowess and strategic adaptability. His presence on the field turned the tides of battles and even wars.
Death: Raava specialized as a mage killer for hire, which gained him many enemies in the magical guilds throught the land. Together they hunted him down and tore his body apart with magic and tossed his remains in the volcano Mores.

Health points: (How much damage you can take. Unconcious at zero, dead at -10, will be assigned)
Magik: (magical power points, character dependent, will be assigned)

Armor equipped:
Armor rating:

Weapon equipped:
Weapon power:

Skill points: 25 (to be earned later)
Melee: 2(fists, swords, etc)
Magic: 11
Range: 6(Archery, thrown weapons, long range spells, etc)
Faith: 2(your connection to your possible deity)
Agility: 3(Speed, Stealth, etc)

Spells known:

-Aether Flare- The user summons a volt of lightening that strikes one target and then travels to any other nearby enemies damaging them before fading. Causes the most damage to the first target and grants a lightening debuff to all other targets hit. Has a 25% chance of summoning a volt of lightening from the sky to strike down the target with double damage.

-Black Harvest- A scythe made of intangible black smoke is summoned. It lasts for only three attacks, increasing the wielders endurance and resistance while it is present as well as restoring the user's health. The more health the user has the least damage the attack does and vice versa. A slash from the scythe cuts the targets mana disabling their ability to cast spells, lasts for 10 seconds.

-Mana Ward- Summons an impervious shield that defends against both magical and physical attacks. Able to deflect ranged magical attacks.

-Flash Step- Allows the user to instantly disappear in a flash of light and reappear anywhere within 5 meters.

Additional skills:
Enchanting, Star Reading, potion making, tracking, fishing, carpentry

Inventory: (nothing at start. Must be kept up with.)

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Re: Raava The Red
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2014, 06:17:02 pm »
Our first magic user with combat magic :D
Ok, afew things to touch on. First, lets lower the lightning double strike chance to 10%. lets call the scythes official damage per hit at the same as your health lost, and finally, lets give your ward a 40 dmg/sec limit before shattering and knocking you back. You will be gaining stronger spells as we go along after all.

So, Lightning at 25 damage with 10% chance to do 50, and always does 20% of its total damage to those around (5 normal, 10 for double strike). It'll cost 20 Magik per use, but bonus shots will not cost extra.

Harvest will cost 20 magik per summon and its base power will be dependent on your melee skill and health lost.

Ward will block 40 damage before breaking, and will cost 1 magik/sec

Flash step will cost 5 magik