Author Topic: Welcome to nothingness (Day 1)  (Read 692 times)

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Re: Welcome to nothingness (Day 1)
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Scarlet smiled, and along with her brother and cousin, lead the pair into a larger building with a more elaborate design to show its significance. Inside sat two elderly people. One man, one woman... As expected, considering these are the village elders. *
As the pair entered, they would see their 3 guides give a short respectful before sitting down. Scarlet seemed really happy. "Show them, Kanhel. Granny, you are gonna fli--" She was cut off when she was jabbed by Emeralds elbow. She responded with a glare and an attempt at slapping him, though he moved his head to dodge. She sighed and continued. "Anyway, my new friends and I... Well, show them"