Author Topic: Welcome to nothingness (Day 1)  (Read 692 times)

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Re: Welcome to nothingness (Day 1)
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(Tis fine :) Glad to see this isnt simply dead. And happy late thanksgiving. Hope you guys had good ones)

The path was straight and didn't take long. Soon they came out to an open field similar to the one they entered from, complete with the same creatures as before. In the clearing, one could see that the light had changed. It had taken a dark blue hue, noticeably different from the purple light of Zweiluna. This light came from a small star-like orb in the sky above a somewhat large walled in village. If one looked into the distance beyond, to the left is a mountain range stretching back to an unknown point behind the forest, and ahead much past this new town, into the horizon. Ahead past the village also seems to be a flowing river that starts from a waterfall on the mountain.

Coming upon the village walls, the party is greeted by two young men standing guard over this sides entrance. One is platinum blond*, the other has black hair**.
"What brings yo-- SCARLET!!!" The dark haired man yells, cutting himself off as he takes the petit women in his arms. "I am so glad you are back! The whole village has been worried about you! They all thought you went off to fight that monster!"
Scarlet laughs and pats the mans head, prompting him to release her. "Well actually..." She said with a smirk before glancing at Kanhel, wanting him to show off their trophy.

*Picture 1
**Picture 2