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Re: Welcome to nothingness (Day 1)
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Kornell smiled at Daphnes enthusiasm and looked to Kaji as he brought down the items "this shield is nice" Kornell says and puts the shield on his right arm "the weight is almost perfect" he says, giving it a few test bash and moves before taking it off and going for the long sword. a wide grin spread across his face as he picked it up "hello my friend...look how you glisten...look how you the light, my friiiiiiend" he sang softly and felt the sword out. he looked at Kaji "this sword is the perfect weight distribution" he places the sword down and takes off his red coat and puts on the mail. surprising it fit....perfectly. he puts his red jacket back on and puts the shield on his back and ties the sword to his belt "oh!! would you happen to have another short sword?"
Name: Kornellious "Kornell" Lancaster
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Class: Warrior
Morality: Neutral
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