Author Topic: Welcome to nothingness (Day 1)  (Read 742 times)

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Re: Welcome to nothingness (Day 1)
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Kaji could be heard above, heading to the stairs. Metal and chains could be heard clanging together. "Sounds pretty balanced to me. Should be great if you work well together." As he came down the stairs, they would see the source of the metallic sounds. He was carrying all the weapons on top of the shield, save for the quiver and bow, and a long sword, both of which he held on his back. The shield held 2 books on top, a short sword, a dagger, and 3 sets of chain mail on the bottom. He started distributing the items, starting with the pair of books* and short sword for the spellcaster, then the bow, arrows, dagger, and a set of throwing knives in a pouch off his own belt for the assassin. Finally for the warrior, he gave the longsword, as well as an elegant shield. After emptying the shields contents, he distributed the chain mail. They would each find that the armor was somehow the right size for them. **

*Note: The spellbooks are 'Basic Illusions' and 'Soul weapon vol.1: soul arrows and weapon enchantments'
**Any item not depicted is about as basic as one can imagine.